MasterLine 8 HI

MasterLine 8 HI

MasterLine 8 'High Insulating' window

Performances in severe conditions

The MasterLine 8 platform with its 40mm thermal break ensures an Uf value of 1,5 W/m²K for a frame-vent section of 119mm on the ‘High Insulating’ insulation level. The addition of insulating gasket under the glass and the co-extruded central gasket ensures excellent performances under the severe circumstances.

MasterLine 8-HI combines 

  • water tightness of 1200Pa, 
  • air tightness of 600Pa with air loss reduction of 80% below class 4 maximum, with 
  • excellent thermal values and 
  • glass weights up to 200kg for a turn-tilt window.

The HI variant is composed of profiles with polyamide insulation bars, PEX insulation foams and EPDM weather gaskets.



Información técnica


Anchura mín. visible marco: apertura interior53 mm 
Anchura mín. visible marco-hoja: apertura interior97 mm 
Anchura mín. visible marco: apertura exterior20 mm 
Anchura mín. visible marco-hoja: apertura exterior138 mm 
Anchura mín. visible perfil travesero80 mm 
Altura máx. hoja2800 mm 
Anchura máx. hoja1200 mm 
Peso máx. del elemento200 kg 
Anchura total del sistema - marco77 mm 
Anchura total del sistema - hoja87 mm 
Altura de calado27 mm 
Espesor mín. vidrio4 mm 
Espesor máx. vidrio58 mm 
Espesor mín. vidrio hoja13 mm 
Espesor máx. vidrio hoja68 mm 


Permeabilidad al aire a presión máx. de ensayo4 (600 Pa)
Estanqueidad al aguaE900 (900 Pa)
Resistencia a la carga de vientoC5 (2000 Pa)
Prestaciones acústicas45 (-1;-4) dB dB
Resistencia al roboRC2/WK2
Aislamiento térmico (Uf)119mm: 1,6 W/m²K

Tipos de apertura

  • Fixed windowFixed window
  • Inward opening combined elementsInward opening combined elements
  • Inward opening double casementInward opening double casement
  • Inward opening tiltInward opening tilt
  • Inward opening tilt turnInward opening tilt turn
  • Inward opening turnInward opening turn
  • Inward opening turn tiltInward opening turn tilt
  • Outward opening combined elementsOutward opening combined elements
  • Outward opening double casementOutward opening double casement
  • Outward opening Top hungOutward opening Top hung
  • Outward opening TurnOutward opening Turn
  • Outward opening Turn with friction staysOutward opening Turn with friction stays
  • Round window fixedRound window fixed
  • Thermo frontThermo front
  • Thermo front double casementThermo front double casement
  • Inward opening ventilation ventInward opening ventilation vent
  • Pivot  horizontalPivot  horizontal
  • Pivot verticalPivot vertical